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A beautiful long review...

When I got pregnant every mum I knew smothered me in their advice, what products to get and the cheapest place to get them. So off I went to the Baby Show to get the best deals on all the products that I had been recommended. I had been told water wipes was the way to go. As I walked into the Baby Show WaterWipes was right there.  I looked at the Show prices and thought oh that’s a bit much for us they are just wipes after all. After waddling around all the stalls with next to nothing to show for the effort, the last stall was Purely Baby. I almost didn’t go have a look due to my feet failing to keep up. My partner shot up said its water wipes and within 5 minutes I had brought a year’s supply, told the other expectant parents that showed up at the same time that these were the ones to buy. 100% no regrets. 100% still stand by the Purely Baby Aqua+ water wipes. I even give packets away to people I know so they can see why these are worth buying. 

First thing I noticed was the size and thickness of the wipe, then the lack of smell, then the amount of water. They were exactly as advertised. The price is affordable considering the quality of product. The lovely lady at the stall was busy with a customer so I waited, by the time she got to me I had worked out how many packets I needed for a year and paid.  

For my baby shower I received many packets of wipes. Remove – My sister in law, who was also pregnant, sat down with me and we opened all the packets of wipes to do our own testing. Purely Baby Aqua+ was the strongest wipe, the least smelly, and when squeezed only water came out. To be honest we were both shocked, we thought Huggies would be the best given their reputation. Neither of us have wanted any other brand of wipes for baby since using these.

Sensitive skin review...

Since my girl was born, she has reacted to everything that has made it into her body. She gets skin rashes from various food allergies, has very acidic bowl movements that can also become very loose and fast moving, and would bring up almost everything that went in until we were able to figure out a way to help her.
The Aqua+ water wipes helped clean her whole body on many occasions with no reaction to her skin. The amount of water per wipe helps remove all the acid during bum changes so no cream is needed. They are big which means I can wipe more area for the messy changes in one go resulting in a faster change and less discomfort for my little one.

I never knew the extent of her allergies until I ran out of Purely Baby Aqua+ water wipes. I now know that she will react to other wipes including WaterWipes as they have fruit extract added, which my girl reacts badly to. My second year’s supply of Aqua+ water wipes has just been delivered and I am so relieved I don’t have to use the other brand wipes on her any more.